The right choice of precious stones - the key factor in the creation of jewellery.

We produce jewellery items from any precious and semi-precious stones, pearls and rare minerals.
The purchase of jewellery with a precious stone is not an everyday event.
During the selection process it is very important to advance goals and preferences.
What is the occasion you need the jewellery for? For everyday use or a special moment? A memorable gift? Different stones will be suitable for different occasions.
Below you will find some information that will help you take decision.
Round cut diamonds are selected for the creation of jewellery on many occasions. This is due to their popularity and the best light-reflecting qualities.

We also recommend considering and assessing other types of cutting, which look very impressive and underline your individuality. 

Types of diamond cuts:

Apart from colourless diamonds there also exist diamonds of various fantasy colours. These diamonds can be found in nature on much more rare occasions, which is why they are more expensive than the colourless ones. When selecting such diamonds, it is worth to pay particular attention to verification of their real properties.

Options for fantasy colour diamonds:

In addition to diamonds a particular place is taken by jewellery with sapphires, emeralds, rubies and tanzanites.  
More detailed information on diamond prices and their grading is available at: Diamonds - sale and training


The main criterion for the quality of an emerald is its colour and then its transparency. The perfect emerald - transparent stone of evenly distributed intense colour.



The most valuable property of sapphire is its cornflower blue and velvety colour of moderate intensity. Dark – coloured sapphire, as opposed to emerald of deep colours, is valued less.



Ruby - a precious stone, variation of corundum. Moreover, the red corundum - these are rubies, but blue corundum - sapphires.



As per the colour the tanzanites may vary in the range from blue-violet (the basic tone - violet) to violet-blue (the basic tone - blue). In addition, this stone has alexandrite properties and depending on the light and even an angle it changes its colour.


We are always very passionate towards the selection of the precious stones, which will reflect your desires, style and individuality.  

It is our concept neither to use/nor sale unmarketable stones, stones of poor quality or incorrectly graded stones.  

Our experience and knowledge are always at your disposal.

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