Engagement rings

Depending on your preferences we offer 3 options for the purchase of an engagement ring.

1. A range of ready engagement rings

We will offer you a range of already made and ready engagement rings with diamonds, which you can have a look at and buy at our office. In our stock there is a choice of rings with diamonds of different sizes starting from 0.07ct and EUR 229 and above.  

2. Create your own ring

If you cannot choose any of the options in stock - we offer you an opportunity to create your own ring:
  • 1. Choose the diamond.
    We will show you diamonds of various sizes and properties.
  • 2. Choose the ring setting for the diamond. 
    Our stock offers a wide range of ready settings in gold.  
    We will explain the differences and advantages of each setting.
  • 3. Try on the selected diamond and the setting.
  • 4. You will receive your ready ring in 2 days.

3. Tailor-made engagement rings

For those customers who seek something unique, we are always ready to create individual design orders.

Together with you

  • We will discuss your wishes
  • We will draw different design options
  • We will provide our recommendations
  • We will professionally assist in the selection of the precious stones
  • We will find the preferred solution for sure
Time frame for manufacturing the individual orders - up to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the chosen design. 

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Which is the best way to contact you?

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