First Class Diamond Service

Our characteristic feature - special and honest attitude towards every customer.
We highly appreciate that you have chosen us. We will provide full, true and competent information.
Our goal - to create jewellery that will really please you. To find solutions for the tasks you assign is a matter of our prestige and reputation. That is why we provide First Class Diamond Service for every our customer.

Our values



  • More than 15 years of experience in manufacturing, retail and wholesale
  • Partners in 10 countries
  • Modern production sites in Latvia and Belgium
  • Exchange trade



  • Advanced knowledge and experience in extraction, cutting and trade of precious stones
  • Deep understanding of market and technological processes



  • Individual attitude towards every customer
  • Our time and possibilities at your disposal
  • You will be surprised by the quality of our service



  • Adequate pricing policy without unjustified surcharges
  • Transparent algorithm for the calculation of prices

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Which is the best way to contact you?

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